MAM Mayors' Exchange Day


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For the last several years, the Michigan Association of Mayors and the Michigan Municipal League have assisted member cities, townships, and villages wishing to take part in the annual Mayors' Exchange program.

How to Participate

Contact a community that you are interested in and would like to know more about. Upon request, the League will facilitate pairings.

If you have questions, please contact Kelly Warren at

When is Mayors' Exchange?

The first Monday of Michigan Week is Local Government Day.  Although Exchanges often take place on this day, usually in the middle of May, there are many possibilities. Your community may:

  • Exchange visits on the same day
  • Exchange visits on two different days during Michigan Week
  • Arrange one visit during Michigan Week and the other at another mutually agreed time
  • Host a community this year and plan a return visit next year

. . . the details are up to you and your exchange community.

Who Participates?

Besides the mayor, supervisor, or president, communities may vary in terms of who participates in the exchange. Often, there is a visiting delegation which may include every imaginable combination of staff, spouses, other elected officials and community members such as the local chamber. The number of participants is entirely up to you. Make sure to invite your local press for coverage.

Tips for Success:

  • Leave plenty of time for informal discussions between officials.
  • Talk to other municipalities that have participated in the past to gather ideas about what worked for them. 

Possible Activities:

  • A driving tour of the community.
  • Visits to specific facilities.  They might include city hall, new or innovative city services (a community center, senior center, public housing, waste treatment plant, industrial park, etc.), local industries, historical or scenic sites, a problem discovered, or a problem solved.
  • A long lunch, a cocktail reception, a visit to an official's home, dinner in a restaurant, or banquets have all been used to provide time for informal discussions.



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